AV clash, online audiovisual project: a case study of evaluation in new media art

  title={AV clash, online audiovisual project: a case study of evaluation in new media art},
  author={Nuno N. Correia},
  booktitle={Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology},
  • N. Correia
  • Published in
    Advances in Computer…
    8 November 2011
  • Art
This paper presents an evaluation of new media art project AV Clash. AV Clash is a Web-based artistic project that allows the creation of audiovisual compositions, consisting of combinations of animations with sounds retrieved from online database Freesound.org. The evaluation is based on the answers to an online questionnaire. It has an experience focus, while also taking into account usability aspects. The questionnaire was structured following five main areas: sound, visuals and… 
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AV Clash – Online Tool for Mixing and Visualizing Audio Retrieved from Freesound.org Database
  • Proceedings of Sound and Music Computing Conference 2010 (Barcelona,
  • 2010