AU-Rich-Element-Mediated Upregulation of Translation by FXR1 and Argonaute 2

  title={AU-Rich-Element-Mediated Upregulation of Translation by FXR1 and Argonaute 2},
  author={Shobha Vasudevan and J. A. Steitz},
AU-rich elements (AREs), present in mRNA 3'-UTRs, are potent posttranscriptional regulatory signals that can rapidly effect changes in mRNA stability and translation, thereby dramatically altering gene expression with clinical and developmental consequences. In human cell lines, the TNFalpha ARE enhances translation relative to mRNA levels upon serum starvation, which induces cell-cycle arrest. An in vivo crosslinking-coupled affinity purification method was developed to isolate ARE-associated… CONTINUE READING
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