ATP site-directed inhibitors of protein kinase CK2: an update.

  title={ATP site-directed inhibitors of protein kinase CK2: an update.},
  author={Stefania Sarno and Elena Papinutto and Cinzia Franchin and Jenny Bain and Matthew Elliott and Flavio Meggio and Zygmunt Kazimierczuk and Andrzej Orzeszko and Giancarlo Zanotti and Roberto Battistutta and Lorenzo A Pinna},
  journal={Current topics in medicinal chemistry},
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CK2 denotes a pleiotropic, constitutively active protein kinase whose abnormally high level in many cancer cells is held as an example of "non oncogene addiction". A wide spectrum of cell permeable, fairly specific ATP site-directed CK2 inhibitors are currently available which are proving useful to dissect its biological functions and which share the property of inducing apoptosis of cancer cells with no comparable effect on their "normal" counterparts. One of these, CX-4945, has recently… CONTINUE READING