ATP-mediated changes in cross-subunit interactions in the RecA protein.

  title={ATP-mediated changes in cross-subunit interactions in the RecA protein.},
  author={Krystin M Logan and Anthony L. Forget and J P Verderese and Kendall L. Knight},
  volume={40 38},
RecA protein undergoes ATP- and DNA-induced conformational changes that result in different helical parameters for free protein filaments versus RecA/ATP/DNA nucleoprotein filaments. Previous mutational studies of a particular region of the RecA oligomeric interface suggested that cross-subunit contacts made by residues K6 and R28 were more important for stabilization of free protein oligomers than nucleoprotein filaments [Eldin, S., et al. (2000) J. Mol. Biol. 299, 91-101]. Using mutant… CONTINUE READING