ATP hydrolysis during contraction of permeabilized airway smooth muscle.

  title={ATP hydrolysis during contraction of permeabilized airway smooth muscle.},
  author={Keith A. Jones and Robert R Lorenz and Y S Prakash and G C Sieck and David O. Warner},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={277 2 Pt 1},
This study determined whether the time-dependent decline in the rate of ATP hydrolysis by actomyosin ATPase during sustained isometric force can occur in the absence of a time-dependent decline in regulatory myosin light chain (rMLC) phosphorylation in Triton X-100-permeabilized canine tracheal smooth muscle. Maximal activation with 10 microM Ca(2+) induced sustained increases in isometric force, stiffness, and rMLC phosphorylation; however, the increase in the ATP hydrolysis rate was initially… CONTINUE READING
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