ATP diphosphohydrolase activity (apyrase, EC in human blood platelets.

  title={ATP diphosphohydrolase activity (apyrase, EC in human blood platelets.},
  author={Carmen Pilla and Tatiana Emanuelli and Silvana S. Frassetto and Ana Maria Oliveira Battastini and Renato Dutra Dias and Jo{\~a}o Jos{\'e} de Freitas Sarkis},
  volume={7 4},
Human platelets contain an ATP diphosphohydrolase activity (apyrase, EC that is Ca(2+) dependent, hydrolyses ATP and ADP and also GTP, ITP, CTP, GDP, IDP, CDP. The enzyme does not hydrolyse AMP, p-nitrophenylphosphate, inorganic phosphate or glucose-6-phosphate. Contaminant activities were ruled out because the enzyme was not inhibited by 2 μg/d ouabain, 1.0 μM levamisole, 10 μM ApSA or 1.0 mM azide. The enzyme was sensitive to 100 μM orthovanadate, 100μMApSA and 10 mM azide, reagents… CONTINUE READING


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