ATP- and UTP-induced currents in macrophages and macrophage polykaryons.

  title={ATP- and UTP-induced currents in macrophages and macrophage polykaryons.},
  author={Cleide Maria Ribeiro de Albuquerque and Suzana Macedo de Oliveira and Robson Coutinho-Silva and Gilberto M. Oliveira-Castro and Pedro Muanis Persechini},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={265 6 Pt 1},
We have investigated the currents induced by extracellular ATP (ATPo), extra-cellular UTP, and other related compounds in macrophages. At potentials of -20 to -60 mV, a typical response to ATPo puffs consists of a fast-activating inward current followed by a transient outward current. The phenomenon lasts 5-20 s, but for sustained exposure to ATP the inward current persists for up to 10 min (our longest recording time). Both currents are inhibited by Mg2+, suggesting that the phenomenon is… CONTINUE READING