ATM Switch connected to a base - station ATM Switch


The developement of broadband xed networks which support diierent services has an impact on wireless networks. This is due to the growing number of users of PCS (Personal Communication System) which support multiservices with the ability of moving. So, eecient multicasting is a fundamental issue for the success of these applications. Furthermore, with the emergence of mobile networks, there is a strong trend towards the extension of the existing networks, such as ATM, to support those multimedia group applications in a mobile environment. On the other hand, Wireless Asynchronous Transfer Mode (WATM) 10] is emerging as a promising technology for multimedia applications in wireless networks. In our previous study 5] we proposed the BAAWAM algorithm (Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm in the Wireless ATM for a Multicast) which is a new bandwidth allocation policy in WATM networks to provide multicast transmissions. In this study, we modify this algorithm by integrating a ow control mechanism for the ABR, and we improve the Q.o.S by deening a new bandwidth reservation policy.

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