ATF3 gene. Genomic organization, promoter, and regulation.

  title={ATF3 gene. Genomic organization, promoter, and regulation.},
  author={Gang Liang and Curt D Wolfgang and Benjamin Ping-Chi Chen and T H Chen and Tsonwin Hai},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={271 3},
ATF3 gene, which encodes a member of the activating transcription factor/cAMP responsive element binding protein (ATF/CREB) family of transcription factors, is induced by many physiological stresses. As a step toward understanding the induction mechanisms, we isolated the human ATF3 gene and analyzed its genome organization and 5'-flanking region. We found that the human ATF3 mRNA is derived from four exons distributed over 15 kilobases. Sequence analysis of the 5'-flanking region revealed a… CONTINUE READING
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