AStream: an R package for annotating LC/MS metabolomic data

  title={AStream: an R package for annotating LC/MS metabolomic data},
  author={Arnald Alonso and Antonio Juli{\`a} and Antoni Beltran and Maria Vinaixa and Marta D{\'i}az and Lourdes Ib{\'a}{\~n}ez and Xavier Correig and Sara Marsal},
  volume={27 9},
UNLABELLED AStream, an R-statistical software package for the curation and identification of feature peaks extracted from liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC/MS) metabolomics data, is described. AStream detects isotopic, fragment and adduct patterns by identifying feature pairs that fulfill expected relational patterns. Data reduction by AStream allows compounds to be identified reliably and subsequently linked to metabolite databases. AStream provides researchers with a fast, reliable… CONTINUE READING


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