ASY1 coordinates early events in the plant meiotic recombination pathway.

  title={ASY1 coordinates early events in the plant meiotic recombination pathway.},
  author={Eugenio S{\'a}nchez-Mor{\'a}n and Kamal ElDin Osman and James D Higgins and M{\'o}nica Pradillo and Nieves Cu{\~n}ado and Gareth Huw Jones and F Christopher H Franklin},
  journal={Cytogenetic and genome research},
  volume={120 3-4},
Meiosis is a fundamental and evolutionarily conserved process that is central to the life cycles of all sexually reproducing eukaryotes. An understanding of this process is critical to furthering research on reproduction, fertility, genetics and breeding. Plants have been used extensively in cytogenetic studies of meiosis during the last century. Until recently, our knowledge of the molecular and functional aspects of meiosis has emerged from the study of non-plant model organisms, especially… CONTINUE READING

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