ASPfun : A typed functional active object calculus

  title={ASPfun : A typed functional active object calculus},
  author={L. Henrio and F. Kamm{\"u}ller and B. Lutz},
  journal={Sci. Comput. Program.},
  • L. Henrio, F. Kammüller, B. Lutz
  • Published 2012
  • Computer Science
  • Sci. Comput. Program.
  • This paper provides a sound foundation for autonomous objects communicating by remote method invocations and futures. As a distributed extension of @s-calculus we define ASP"f"u"n, a calculus of functional objects, behaving autonomously and communicating by a request-reply mechanism: requests are method calls handled asynchronously and futures represent awaited results for requests. This results in an object language enabling a concise representation of a set of active objects interacting by… CONTINUE READING
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