ASPIICS: an externally occulted coronagraph for PROBA-3.Design evolution.

  title={ASPIICS: an externally occulted coronagraph for PROBA-3.Design evolution.},
  author={Etienne Renotte and Elena Carmen Baston and Alessandro Bemporad and Gerardo Capobianco and Ileana Cernica and Radoslav Darakchiev and François Denis and Richard Desselle and Lieve De Vos and Silvano Fineschi and Matteo Focardi and Tomasz G{\'o}rski and Rafal Graczyk and Jean-Philippe A. Halain and Aline Hermans and Carl Jackson and Christian Kintziger and Jacek Kosiec and Nektarios Kranitis and Federico Landini and Vit Ledl and Giuseppe Massone and Alexandra Mazzoli and Radek Melich and Dominique Mollet and Michał Mosdorf and Giovanna Nicolini and Bogdan Nicula and Piotr Orleanski and Marie-Catherine Palau and Maurizio Pancrazzi and Antonis M. Paschalis and Radek Peřest{\'y} and J. Y. Plesseria and Miroslaw Rataj and Marco Romoli and C{\'e}dric Thizy and M. Thome and Kanaris Tsinganos and Ryszard Wodnicki and Tomasz Walczak and Alexander P Zhukov},
PROBA-3 is a mission devoted to the in-orbit demonstration of precise formation flying techniques and technologies for future ESA missions. PROBA-3 will fly ASPIICS (Association de Satellites pour l’Imagerie et l’Interferométrie de la Couronne Solaire) as primary payload, which makes use of the formation flying technique to form a giant coronagraph capable of producing a nearly perfect eclipse allowing to observe the sun corona closer to the rim than ever before. The coronagraph is distributed… CONTINUE READING


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