ASMNet: a Lightweight Deep Neural Network for Face Alignment and Pose Estimation

  title={ASMNet: a Lightweight Deep Neural Network for Face Alignment and Pose Estimation},
  author={Ali P. Fard and Hojjat Abdollahi and Mohammad H. Mahoor},
  journal={2021 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)},
Active Shape Model (ASM) is a statistical model of object shapes that represents a target structure. ASM can guide machine learning algorithms to fit a set of points representing an object (e.g., face) onto an image. This paper presents a lightweight Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architecture with a loss function being assisted by ASM for face alignment and estimating head pose in the wild. We use ASM to first guide the network towards learning a smoother distribution of the facial… Expand


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  • 2017 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)
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  • Xiang Xu, I. Kakadiaris
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 12th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition (FG 2017)
  • 2017
This paper explores the use of the global and local CNN features obtained from Convolutional Neural Networks for learning to estimate head pose and localize landmarks jointly and demonstrates that the algorithm, named JFA, improves both the head pose estimation and face alignment. Expand