ASIC implementations of five SHA-3 finalists

  title={ASIC implementations of five SHA-3 finalists},
  author={Xu Guo and Meeta Srivastav and Sinan Huang and Dinesh Ganta and Michael B. Henry and Leyla Nazhandali and Patrick Schaumont},
  journal={2012 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE)},
Throughout the NIST SHA-3 competition, in relative order of importance, NIST considered the security, cost, and algorithm and implementation characteristics of a candidate [1]. Within the limited one-year security evaluation period for the five SHA-3 finalists, the cost and performance evaluation may put more weight in the selection of winner. This work contributes to the SHA-3 hardware evaluation by providing timely cost and performance results on the first SHA-3 ASIC in 0.13 μm IBM process… CONTINUE READING


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