ASB2 targets filamins A and B to proteasomal degradation.

  title={ASB2 targets filamins A and B to proteasomal degradation.},
  author={M{\'e}lina L. Heuz{\'e} and Isabelle Lamsoul and Massimiliano Baldassarre and Yatish Lad and Sophie L{\'e}v{\^e}que and Ziba Razinia and Christel Moog-Lutz and David A Calderwood and Pierre G. Lutz},
  volume={112 13},
The ordered series of proliferation and differentiation from hematopoietic progenitor cells is disrupted in leukemia, resulting in arrest of differentiation at immature proliferative stages. Characterizing the molecular basis of hematopoietic differentiation is therefore important for understanding and treating disease. Retinoic acid induces expression of ankyrin repeat-containing protein with a suppressor of cytokine signaling box 2 (ASB2) in acute promyelocytic leukemia cells, and ASB2… CONTINUE READING


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