ARPIST: Provably Accurate and Stable Numerical Integration over Spherical Triangles

  title={ARPIST: Provably Accurate and Stable Numerical Integration over Spherical Triangles},
  author={Yipeng Li and Xiangmin Jiao},

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Little has been published on this subject or on its extension to the solid sphere. The literature is surveyed briefly in Section 7. Most of our space is devoted to formulas invariant with respect to

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This work presents a novel method that can achieve third- and higher-order accuracy for integration over discrete surfaces, which combines a stabilized least squares approximation, a blending procedure based on linear shape functions, and high-degree quadrature rules.

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1 Spherical Harmonics.- 2 Convolution and Spherical Harmonic Expansion.- 3 Littlewood-Paley Theory and Multiplier Theorem.- 4 Approximation on the Sphere.- 5 Weighted Polynomial Inequalities.- 6