ARGES - Advanced Renormalisation Group Equation Simplifier

  title={ARGES - Advanced Renormalisation Group Equation Simplifier},
  author={Daniel F. Litim and Tom Steudtner},
  journal={Comput. Phys. Commun.},
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QMeS-Derivation: Mathematica package for the symbolic derivation of functional equations
We present the Mathematica package QMeS-Derivation. It derives symbolic functional equations from a given master equation. The latter include functional renormalisation group equations,
Introducing RGBeta: a Mathematica package for the evaluation of renormalization group β -functions.
  • A. E. Thomsen
  • Physics
    The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields
  • 2021
This work describes a procedure for extracting β -functions using the general results and introduces RGBeta, a dedicated Mathematica package for extracting the MS ¯ β-functions in broad classes of models.
$\texttt{RGE++}:$ A $\texttt{C++}$ library to solve renormalisation group equations in quantum field theory
In recent years three-, fourand five-loop beta functions have been computed for various phenomenologically interesting models. However, most of these results have not been implemented in easy to use
Conformal windows beyond asymptotic freedom
We study four-dimensional gauge theories coupled to fermions in the fundamental and meson-like scalars. All requisite beta functions are provided for general gauge group and fermion representation.
General gauge-Yukawa-quartic β-functions at 4-3-2-loop order
We determine the full set of coefficients for the completely general 4-loop gauge and 3-loop Yukawa β -functions for the most general renormalizable four-dimensional theories. Using a complete
B-anomalies from flavorful U(1) $$'$$ ′ extensions, safely
$$U(1)^\prime $$ U ( 1 ) ′ extensions of the standard model with generation-dependent couplings to quarks and leptons are investigated as an explanation of anomalies in rare B -decays, with an
Six-loop beta functions in general scalar theory
Abstract We consider general renormalizable scalar field theory and derive six-loop beta functions for all parameters in d = 4 dimensions within the $$ \overline{\mathrm{MS}} $$ MS ¯ -scheme.
Towards general scalar-Yukawa renormalisation group equations at three-loop order
For arbitrary four-dimensional quantum field theories with scalars and fermions, renormalisation group equations in the MS scheme are investigated at three-loop order in perturbation theory.


General renormalization group equations for dimensionful couplings in the MS¯ scheme
Recently, Poole & Thomsen have presented the Renormalization Group Equations (RGEs) in the $\overline{\mathrm{MS}}$ scheme for dimensionless parameters of a general renormalizable gauge theory in a
Renormalization of vacuum expectation values in spontaneously broken gauge theories
A bstractWe compute one-loop and two-loop β-functions for vacuum expectation values (VEVs) in gauge theories. In Rξ gauge the VEVs renormalize differently from the respective scalar fields. We focus
Revisiting RGEs for general gauge theories
Directions for model building from asymptotic safety
A bstractBuilding on recent advances in the understanding of gauge-Yukawa theories we explore possibilities to UV-complete the Standard Model in an asymptotically safe manner. Minimal extensions are
Calculating the renormalisation group equations of a SUSY model with Susyno
Three-loop charge renormalization effects due to quartic scalar self-interactions
Dimensionally regularized dispersion theory is used to compute the O (h/sup 3/g/sup 3/f/sup 2/) contribution to the charge renormalization function ..beta../sub g/, where g is a gauge field coupling
Renormalization of vacuum expectation values in spontaneously broken gauge theories: two-loop results
A bstractWe complete the two-loop calculation of β-functions for vacuum expectation values (VEVs) in gauge theories by the missing $ \mathcal{O} $(g4)-terms. The full two-loop results are presented
Dimensional regularization and the renormalization group