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  author={K. Jaya Priya and Rajesh Mehra},
2 ABSTRACT: In this paper an area efficient method is presented to design and implement FIR filter. The proposed FIR filter has been implemented equiripple window using Transposed & Symmetric structure. The performance of two designs has been compared in terms of hardware requirements. The performance of both the designs is almost same but Symmetric structure has shown reduced hardware requirement as compared to Transposed structure. The proposed designs have been designed and simulated using… Expand

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Reconfigurable band pass filter using Kaiser window for satellite communication
  • Vivek Kumar, R. Mehra, Shallu
  • Computer Science
  • 2016 2nd International Conference on Next Generation Computing Technologies (NGCT)
  • 2016
The hardware result shows that the proposed FIR bandpass filter designed on virtex-2p with Direct Form Symmetric FIR structure uses 11.27% less LUTs, 7.35% less Slices as well as 13.44% faster than that designed on Spartan3E with Direct form FIR structure. Expand
Rational Sampling Rate Converter Design Analysis using Symmetric Technique
In this paper we proposed an efficient structure for sampling rate conversion by rational factor of L/M, where L is upsampling factor and M is downsampling factor. In this method, the coefficientExpand
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An efficient FPGA implementation of a multipliers less decimator is presented for wireless application using half band polyphase decomposition FIR structure and improvement of 28% in speed and 50% in area has been observed. Expand
Case study then Direct-Form FIR Poly-phase Linear Interpolator Filter Design with Symmetric Structure
FIR poly-phase decomposition filters reduce of computation complexity. However, FIR poly-phase filters most of advantage they require a very small number of multipliers to implement but TheExpand


RAPID PROTOTYPING - Area efficient FIR filters for high speed FPGA implementation
A new algorithm that synthesises multiplier blocks with low hardware requirement suitable for implementation as part of full-parallel finite impulse response (FIR) filters is presented, and it is shown that this optimisation goal does not minimise FPGA hardware. Expand
Design guidelines for reconfigurable multiplier blocks
The newly proposed reconfigurable multiplier blocks offer significant savings in area over the traditional multiplier blocks for time-multiplexed digital filters or any other system where only aExpand
A Low-Power Digit-Based Reconfigurable FIR Filter
  • Kuan-Hung Chen, T. Chiueh
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs
  • 2006
A digit-reconfigurable finite-impulse response (FIR) filter architecture with a very fine granularity that provides a flexible yet compact and low-power solution to FIR filters with a wide range of precision and tap length is presented. Expand
DSP Co-Processing in FPGAs : Embedding High-Performance , Low-Cost DSP Functions
  • 2004 1 1-800-255-7778 © 2004 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved. All Xilinx trademarks, registered trademarks, patents, and disclaimers are as listed at AllExpand
Overview of a compiler for synthesizing MATLAB programs onto FPGAs
This paper describes a behavioral synthesis tool called AccelFPGA which reads in high-level descriptions of digital signal processing (DSP) applications written in MATLAB, and automatically generatesExpand
A design methodology for implementing DSP with Xilinx/sup /spl reg// System Generator for Matlab/sup /spl reg//
  • M. Ownby, W. Mahmoud
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the 35th Southeastern Symposium on System Theory, 2003.
  • 2003
The methodology aims at improving the efficiency of learning the use of such complex design system by implementing real-time DSP applications on a reconfigurable logic platform using Xilinx/sup /spl reg// System Generator for Matlab/Sup / spl reg//. Expand
A Design Methodology for Implementing DSP with Xilinx @ System Generator for Matlab @
AbsnacrThis paper presents a methodology for implementing real-time DSP applications on a reconfigurable logic platform using Xilinx' System Generator for Matlab@. The methodology aims at improvingExpand
Stewart “Area efficient FIR filters for high speed FPGA Implementation
  • IEEE Proceeding -Visual Image Signal Process.,
  • 2006
Synthesis and Implementation strategies to accelerate design performance
  • 2005
HDL Coding Practices To Accelerate Design Performance
  • WP231 (1.1)