ARAACOM: ARAbic Algerian Corpus for Opinion Mining

  title={ARAACOM: ARAbic Algerian Corpus for Opinion Mining},
  author={Hichem Rahab and Abdelhafid Zitouni and Mahieddine Djoudi},
  journal={Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing for Engineering and Sciences},
Nowadays, it is no more needed to do an enormous effort to distribute a lot of forms to thousands of people and collect them, then convert this from into electronic format to track people opinion about some subjects. A lot of web sites can today reach a large spectrum with less effort. The majority of web sites suggest to their visitors to leave backups about their feeling of the site or events. So, this makes for us a lot of data which need powerful mean to exploit. Opinion mining in the web… Expand
SANA : Sentiment Analysis on Newspapers comments in Algeria
Results are very promising and show the different effects of stemming in such domain, also knearest neighbors give important improvement comparing to other classifiers unlike similar works where SVM is the most dominant. Expand
An enhanced corpus for arabic newspapers comments
Results show that stemming does not enhance considerably the classification due to the nature of Algerian comments tied to Algerian Arabic Dialect, and the improved approach will be improved especially in dealing with non-Arabic sentences, especially Dialectal and French ones. Expand
Language resources for Maghrebi Arabic dialects’ NLP: a survey
A thorough review of the language resources (LRs) that have been generated by the various work carried out on the MAD language processing is proposed and a survey of the currently online available MAD NLP dedicated-LRs is compiled and discussed. Expand
Detecting Algerian Sub-Dialects of On-Line Commentators in Social Media Networks
  • K. Abainia
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 3rd International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems (PAIS)
  • 2018
This investigation is addressing the identification of Algerian sub-dialects of social media comments written in Romanized Arabic, and addresses the Arabizi-French code-switching phenomenon. Expand
DZDC12: a new multipurpose parallel Algerian Arabizi–French code-switched corpus
  • K. Abainia
  • Computer Science
  • Lang. Resour. Evaluation
  • 2020
This paper aims to provide a new multi-purpose parallel corpus, which will serve as a testbed for various natural language processing and information retrieval applications and can be a useful tool to study Arabic–French code-switching phenomenon, Algerian Romanized Arabic (Arabizi), different Algerian sub-dialects, sentiment analysis, gender writing style, machine translation, abuse detection, etc. Expand


Towards an Efficient Opinion Measurement in Arabic Comments
This paper proposes a complete approach in order to identify and classify author's opinions using a dataset consisting of 625 Arabic reviews and comments collected from Trip Advisor website which fall into five classes. Expand
OCA: Opinion corpus for Arabic
A new Arabic corpus for the OM task that has been made available to the scientific community for research purposes is presented, which contains 500 movie reviews collected from different web pages and blogs in Arabic. Expand
Bilingual Experiments with an Arabic-English Corpus for Opinion Mining
This work presents an Opinion Corpus for Arabic (OCA) composed of Arabic reviews extracted from specialized web pages related to movies and films using this language, and translates the OCA corpus into English, generating the EVOCA corpus (English Version of OCA). Expand
Sentiment classification on arabic corpora. A preliminary cross-study
The study is carried out to investigate supervised sentiment classification in an Arabic context using two Arabic Corpora which are different in many aspects and three common classifiers known by their effectiveness, namely Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machines and k-Nearest Neighbor. Expand
Increasing the Accuracy of Opinion Mining in Arabic
  • Sasi Atia, K. Shaalan
  • Engineering
  • 2015 First International Conference on Arabic Computational Linguistics (ACLing)
  • 2015
Opinion Mining is a raising research field of interest, with its different applications derived by market needs to analyze product reviews or to assess the public opinion, for political reasons,Expand
A survey of text mining in social media facebook and twitter perspectives
This survey focused on analyzing the text mining studies related to Facebook and Twitter; the two dominant social media in the world, to describe how studies in social media have used text analytics and text mining techniques for the purpose of identifying the key themes in the data. Expand
Arabic Opinion Mining Using Combined Classification Approach
A combined approach that automatically extracts opinions from Arabic documents is presented that consists of three methods, lexicon based method, k-nearest method and maximum entropy method. Expand
Opinion mining on Indian newspaper quotations
This paper has collected the quotations from websites of three popular newspaper dailies of India and proposed a methodology to annotate, label and calculate subjectivity and objectivity of quotations. Expand
A Survey of Arabic Named Entity Recognition and Classification
The importance of the NER task is demonstrated, the main characteristics of the Arabic language are highlighted, and the aspects of standardization in annotating named entities are illustrated. Expand
An Algerian dialect: Study and Resources
A first linguistic study introducing Arabic Algerian dialect a non-resourced language for which no known resource is available to date is presented and resources that are created from scratch for this dialect are described. Expand