AQU0: CENS Aquatic Research: Overview

  title={AQU0: CENS Aquatic Research: Overview},
  author={Dave Caron and Deborah Estrin and A. Requicha and Gaurav S. Sukhatme and Mrinal Mahapatro and Carl Oberg and Beth Stauffer and Amit Dhariwal and Alex Jun-Yen Lee and Eric Anyung Shieh and Bin Zhang},
Center for Embedded Networked Sensing CENS Aquatic Research: Overview Dave Caron, Deborah Estrin, Ari Requicha, Gaurav Sukhatme, Mrinal Mahapatro, Carl Oberg, Beth Stauffer, Amit Dhariwal, Alex Lee, Eric Shieh, Bin Zhang; USC/UCLA Introduction: Aquatic Microbial Observing Systems Aquatic microorganisms impact human health (risk of exposure) and industries, such as fisheries and tourism. The problem is becoming worse with human encroachment in coastal areas. The conditions under which aquatic… CONTINUE READING