APSM: bounding the downlink delay for 802.11 power save mode

  title={APSM: bounding the downlink delay for 802.11 power save mode},
  author={Xavier P{\'e}rez Costa and Daniel Camps-Mur},
  journal={IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2005. ICC 2005. 2005},
  pages={3616-3622 Vol. 5}
The popularity of wireless LANs, due to their low cost provision of high speed wireless Internet access, has resulted in a strong trend toward the integration of this technology in the upcoming all-in-one mobile devices that could include, for instance, cellular, wireless LAN and personal digital assistant (PDA) capabilities. Such devices, though, require power saving mechanisms in order to guarantee a reasonable battery duration. The 802.11 standard provides a power save mode that reduces the… CONTINUE READING
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