author={Kishore Ravichandran and Shreeshant Prabhakaran and A. M. Sathish Kumar},
Normal 0 21 false false false TR X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Financial liberalization has led to intense competitive pressures and private banks dealing in retail banking are consequently directing their strategies towards increasing service quality level which fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved service quality. This article examines the influence of perceived service quality on customer satisfaction suing an adaptive Bayesian frame work in private sector… 

Customer Perception of Banking Service Quality: A Study on Jamuna Bank Limited in Sylhet City

The purpose of the study is to investigate customer perception of service quality of a private bank. In this study five dimensions are used namely responsiveness, reliability, assurance, empathy and

Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Performance in Nepalese Life Insurance Companies

This paper attempts to examine the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction and firm performance in Nepalese life insurance companies. Data are collected through structured and

An Evaluation of Customer Perception on Service Quality in Retail Banking

In this new customer era, Banks need to deliver a more efficient, customer-focused and inventive offering than ever before to reconnect with their clients. To compete, differentiate and grow they

Measuring Banks Service Attitude: An approach to employee and customer acuities

Service quality a reflection of organizational performance is known as ultimate measure of customers satisfaction especially in the services sector which retains customers for life. The purpose of

Measuring Service Quality using SERVQUAL Model: A Study on PCBs (Private Commercial Banks) in Bangladesh

Service firms in the developing country like other organizations now realizing the significance of customer oriented philosophies and turning to quality management approaches to facilitate managing


The retail banking sector in South Africa is predominantly characterised by a high face to face interaction and constant product and pricing differentiation. In order for a bank to distinguish itself

Assessing facilities management service in postgraduate hostel using Servqual technique

There is growing concern over the quality of service facilities management firms provide and the perception of customers on service satisfaction for the achievement of overall organizational goal.

Mobile Banking Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction (Application of SERVQUAL Model)

This research aimed at applying SERVQUAl model to examine the relationship between mobile banking services and customer satisfaction. While the previous researchers had already examined the effect of

Investigating Service Quality Initiatives of Pakistani Commercial Banks

The study investigated the service quality initiatives taken by Pakistani commercial banks in Lahore based on the perceptions of 447 respondents, selected by using multistage random sampling

Consumers’ Perception on Service Quality of Public Sector Banks

In the era of global economic integration and technology advancement, rapidly changing taste, preferences, and expectations of customers together with increased competition and introduction of new



Service loyalty: The effects of service quality and the mediating role of customer satisfaction

Service loyalty, with its final effect on repurchasing by customers, appears to have received relatively little attention. This study starts by first delineating the concept of service loyalty and

Attitudes to service quality – the expectation gap

In the competitive environment in which hospitality businesses exist, the quality of service is a vital mechanism used to achieve a competitive advantage. Quality is a difficult construct to quantify

Measuring service quality: a reexamination and extension

The authors investigate the conceptualization and measurement of service quality and the relationships between service quality, consumer satisfaction, and purchase intentions. A literature review

SYSTRA‐SQ: a new measure of bank service quality

We describe the development of a new scale designed to measure service quality perceptions of retail bank customers. Empirical studies were performed in two waves. First, qualitative research was

Linking perceived service quality and service loyalty: a multi‐dimensional perspective

In recent research on service quality it has been argued that the relationship between perceived service quality and service loyalty is an issue which requires conceptual and empirical elaboration

A Multistage Model of Customers' Assessments of Service Quality and Value

This article develops a model of how customers with prior experiences and expectations assess service performance levels, overall service quality, and service value. The model is applied to

The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction – a factor specific approach

The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction has received considerable academic attention in the past few years. But the nature of the exact relationship between service quality

Service quality, profitability, and the economic worth of customers: What we know and what we need to learn

In the past, expenditures on quality have not been explicitly linked to profits because costs and savings were the only variables on which information was available. More recently, evidence about the

The Behavioral Consequences of Service Quality

If service quality relates to retention of customers at the aggregate level, as other research has indicated, then evidence of its impact on customers’ behavioral responses should be detectable. The

Investigating drivers of bank loyalty: the complex relationship between image, service quality and satisfaction

This article investigates how image, perceived service quality and satisfaction determine loyalty in a retail bank setting at the global construct level, as well as the level of construct dimensions.