APOLIPOPROTEIN B: mRNA editing, lipoprotein assembly, and presecretory degradation.

  title={APOLIPOPROTEIN B: mRNA editing, lipoprotein assembly, and presecretory degradation.},
  author={Nicholas O. Davidson and Gregory S. Shelness},
  journal={Annual review of nutrition},
Apolipoprotein (apo)B circulates in two distinct forms, apoB100 and apoB48. Human liver secretes apoB100, the product of a large mRNA encoding 4536 residues. The small intestine of all mammals secretes apoB48, which arises following C-to-U deamination of a single cytidine base in the nuclear apoB transcript, introducing a translational stop codon. This process, referred to as apoB RNA editing, operates through a multicomponent enzyme complex that contains a single catalytic subunit, apobec-1… CONTINUE READING
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