APC gene mutations in human prostate cancer.

  title={APC gene mutations in human prostate cancer.},
  author={Masanori Watanabe and Hideki Kakiuchi and Hoichi Kato and Taizo Shiraishi and Ryuichi Yatani and Takashi Sugimura and Minako Nagao},
  journal={Japanese journal of clinical oncology},
  volume={26 2},
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in aged men. Although ras and p53 gene mutations have been detected in some prostate cancers, the major genetic alterations involved in its carcinogenesis are not well understood. Mutation of the APC gene is responsible for colorectal tumors in which ras and p53 mutations are also often involved. Using PCR-SSCP analysis and sequencing, we examined 31 human primary prostate cancers (three cases at stage A, 10 at stage B, five at stage C and 13 at stage D… CONTINUE READING


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