APC+/− alters colonic fibroblast proteome in FAP

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@inproceedings{Patel2011APCAC, title={APC+/− alters colonic fibroblast proteome in FAP}, author={Bhavinkumar B. Patel and Xin-ming Li and M. P. Dixon and Elena L. Blagoi and Emmanuelle Nicolas and Steven H Seeholzer and David Ihsin Cheng and Yin A. He and Renata de Almeida Coudry and Sharon D. Howard and Dawn M. Riddle and Harry Stanley Cooper and Bruce M Boman and Peggy G. Conrad and James A. Crowell and Alfonso Bellacosa and Alfred G. Knudson and Anthony T. Yeung and Levy Kopelovich}, booktitle={Oncotarget}, year={2011} }