AOX1c, a novel rice gene for alternative oxidase; comparison with rice AOX1a and AOX1b.

  title={AOX1c, a novel rice gene for alternative oxidase; comparison with rice AOX1a and AOX1b.},
  author={Hiroaki Saika and Kazuhiro Ohtsu and Sawako Hamanaka and Mikio Nakazono and Nobuhiro Tsutsumi and Atsushi Hirai},
  journal={Genes \& genetic systems},
  volume={77 1},
A novel gene for alternative oxidase (AOX) was isolated from rice (Oryza sativa L.) and characterized. The deduced amino acid sequence of the novel AOX gene contains features that are conserved among other AOXs. This AOX gene was designated AOX1c based on a phylogenetic analysis of the AOX genes. Northern hybridization analyses revealed that AOX1c and AOX1a/AOX1b transcripts accumulated differently in various rice organs and rice seedlings under low temperature conditions. AOX1c mRNA was mainly… 

Differential expression and co-regulation of carrot AOX genes (Daucus carota).

The results demonstrate that all of the four carrot AOX genes are expressed and strengthen the value of carrot as a model plant for future studies on the importance of AOX sub family evolution.

The maize alternative oxidase 1a (Aox1a) gene is regulated by signals related to oxidative stress

It is shown that multiple signaling pathways, involved in stress responses, also participate and differentially regulate Aox1a and GstI in maize and a ROS-depended signaling event may be involved, suggesting an essential role of A ox1a under oxidative stress in maize.

Influence of irradiation on cyanide-resistant respiration and AOX1 multi-gene family expression during greening of etiolated rice seedlings

During initial greening steps of the plants, the induction of alternative pathway and AOX1 expression by irradiation is not directly linked with carbon assimilation of photosynthesis, indicating that Chl synthesis in the process of greening might be medicated to some extent by alternative respiratory pathway.

Influence of irradiation on cyanide-resistant respiration and AOX1 multi-gene family expression during greening of etiolated rice seedlings

We investigated the differential expression of AOX1 multi-gene family and the regulation of alternative respiratory pathway during initial greening development in leaves of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Alternative oxidase (AOX) constitutes a small family of proteins in Citrus clementina and Citrus sinensis L. Osb

The present study aimed to characterize the family of AOX genes in mandarin and sweet orange at nucleotide and protein levels, including promoter analysis, phylogenetic analysis and C. sinensis gene expression and modeled one AOX isoform by homology to the AOX of Trypanosona brucei.

Characterization of two non-homoeologous nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial alternative oxidase in common wheat.

Two non-homoeologous genes (Waox1a and Waox1c) encoding AOX proteins from common wheat were isolated, and the steady-state level of Waox 1a andWaox 1c transcripts increased under cold stress, while only that of Wa ox1a was increased by cyanide treatment.

Aox gene structure, transcript variation and expression in plants.

The hypothesis that organization of genomic Aox sequences and gene expression patterns are highly variable in relation to the possibility that such a variation may allow development of Aox functional markers in plants is examined.



Characterization of the gene family for alternative oxidase from Arabidopsis thaliana

Analysis of the copy number of the gene for alternative oxidase (AOX) of Arabidopsis thaliana by amplification by PCR and Southern hybridization and comparison between genomic and cDNA sequences showed that all AOX genes are divided by three introns and the positions of the introns in AOX1a, Aox1b, AOx1c and AOX2 are the same.

The gene for alternative oxidase-2 (AOX2) from Arabidopsis thaliana consists of five exons unlike other AOX genes and is transcribed at an early stage during germination.

Investigation of expressions of genes for alternative oxidase and genes for cytochrome c oxidase during germination of Arabidopsis thaliana found that the AOX2 protein is imported into the mitochondria, different from the case of most AOX genes identified so far.

Differential Expression of the Multigene Family Encoding the Soybean Mitochondrial Alternative Oxidase

The alternative oxidase (AOX) of the soybean (Glycine max L.) inner mitochondrial membrane is encoded by a multigene family (Aox) with three known members. Here, the Aox2 and Aox3 primary translation

Differential expression of alternative oxidase genes in soybean cotyledons during postgerminative development

The expression of the alternative oxidase (AOX) was investigated during cotyledon development in soybean seedlings, showing a different developmental trend in mRNA abundance, such that the increase in AOX protein and capacity appears to involve a shift in gene expression from AOX2 to AOX3.

Alternative oxidase from mango (Mangifera indica, L.) is differentially regulated during fruit ripening

The first report on the analysis of alternative oxidase at the molecular level during the ripening of a climacteric fruit is reported, indicating that this cDNA encodes a mango homologue of theAlternative oxidase.

Characterization of a cDNA Encoding a Novel Subunit for Cytochrome c Oxidase (COX6b) from Rice

It was found that the rice COX6b gene encodes 169 amino acids with a calculated molecular mass of 19 kDa, which is longer than those of vertebrate and yeast COX 6b subunits.

Cloning of an Additional cDNA for the Alternative Oxidase in Tobacco

The alternative oxidase is a cyanide-insensitive terminal oxidase found in a variety of organisms although it is best characterized in plants, and a cDNA clone from tobacco for the alternative oxid enzyme is isolated and sequenced.

Light-dependent gene expression for proteins in the respiratory chain of potato leaves.

The nda1 expression during development, and in response to light, indicates a specific role of the encoded enzyme in the photosynthetically associated mitochondrial metabolism.

Mitochondrial Electron Transport Regulation of Nuclear Gene Expression (Studies with the Alternative Oxidase Gene of Tobacco)

The results show that a mechanism involving changes in Aox1 gene expression exists whereby the capacity of the alternative pathway can be adjusted in response to changes in the activity of the cytochrome pathway.