AODV route maintenance using HoneyPots in MANETs


The absence of centralized network management in MANET places the responsibility of route establishment and route maintenance on the nodes in the network. This is the basis of designing widely used routing protocols (example AODV). However, a node with malicious intentions can launch an attack on the network and disrupt its operations. Hence there is an utmost necessity of a mechanism to identify the attack and protect the system from the attackers. In this paper we present a method on providing security in MANET during route maintenance phase using Attacker Detection System (ADS) with the help of Honeypot (HP) and Attack History Database (AHD). The HP interacts with the attackers in order to know their motives and respond accordingly. The use of AHD helps HP in quick attack/attacker identification and crafting replies to attacker. We have simulated MANET with ADS and implemented it in sizes varying from 20 to 200 nodes in NS2. The results presented in paper conform to our claim on the efficiency of ADS in protecting MANET. Also the edge achieved in handling the attacker with the use of HoneyPots and Attack History Database is seen in results.

DOI: 10.1109/WorldCIS.2015.7359424

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