ANTEO+: A subchannel code for thermal-hydraulic analysis of liquid metal cooled systems

  title={ANTEO+: A subchannel code for thermal-hydraulic analysis of liquid metal cooled systems},
  author={Francesco Lodi and Giacomo Grasso and Davide Mattioli and Marco Sumini},
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Celsist Subchannel Module Aided Simulation of Liquid-Metal Coolant Flow in Experimental FA
The CELSIST subchannel module is described. The results of the simulation of experiments on the flow of liquid metal coolant in model FA are presented: lead-bismuth eutectic alloy in a 19-rod FA on
Tridimensional analysis of local perturbations on the core reactivity and the thermal-hydraulics of the fuel elements
Questo documento riassume il lavoro svolto per il primo obiettivo della task A.1 della Linea Progettuale 2 dell’Accordo di Programma tra ENEA e MiSE (AdP PAR2015 LP2 A.1_a). Utilizzando come


Integrated fuel performance and thermal-hydraulic sub-channel models for analysis of sodium fast reactors
Sodium Fast Reactors (SFR) show promise as an effective way to produce clean safe nuclear power while properly managing the fuel cycle. Accurate computer modeling is an important step in the design
Analysis of a Benchmark Experiment on the Hydraulics and Heat Transfer in a Liquid-Metal-Cooled Assembly of Fuel-Element Simulators
A comparative analysis of the experimental data, which were obtained in a benchmark experiment on the thermohydraulics of a model assembly of fuel-element simulators in a flow of sodium-potassium