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An Alternative Chronology for the Xia Dynasty and Discussion on Issues Related to Xia Culture
This paper proposes an alternative chronology for the Xia dynasty [ca. 2100-1600 BCE] based on the respective year counts and generation numbers of the Xia, Shang [ca. 1600-1046 BCE], and Zhou
David S. Nivison, the Bamboo Annals, and the Chronology of Xia: Personal Reflections on Historical Method
David Shepherd Nivison (1923-2014) devoted the last three and a half decades of his life to an attempt to reconstruct the original text of the Bamboo Annals and to use that text to reconstruct the
The Tsinghua Manuscript *Zheng Wen Gong wen Tai Bo and the Question of the Production of Manuscripts in Early China
Volume 6 of Qinghua daxue cang Zhanguo zhujian, published in 2016, includes two copies of a text entitled by the editors *Zheng Wen Gong wen Tai Bo 鄭文公問太伯 (Duke Wen of Zheng Asks Tai Bo). The two
The Place of Hou Hanshu in Early Chinese Historiography
Fan Ye’s Hou Hanshu stands at the center of a period when historical writing in China was proliferating and diversifying in an unprecedented fashion. That period might be framed by two important
Sedentism and plant cultivation in northeast China emerged during affluent conditions
Results of excavations of two single-occupation early Neolithic sites and two high-resolution archaeological surveys in northeast China are presented, which capture the earliest stages of sedentism and millet cultivation in the second oldest center of domestication in the Old World.
Birth in Ancient China : A Study of Metaphor and Cultural Identity in Pre-Imperial China
In this small, dense book, Constance A. Cook and Xinhui Luo critically analyse ancient Chinese texts to reveal how the topic of birth was of key importance to understandings of lineage and cultural
Resettlement strategies and Han imperial expansion into southwest China: a multimethod approach to colonialism and migration
Discussions on colonialism are pervasive in western scholarship but are hardly ever applied to the archeology of China. The present paper shows how concepts of colonialism and migration research can
LI XUEQIN 李學勤 (1933–2019)
The death of Li Xueqin is a great loss to international sinology and the field of Early China studies. There can be few readers of Early China who have not read any of his work, which is often cited
Historians Writing about Historians
This article takes three famous historians writing about historians and history-writing as its subject, considering Fan Ye’s work in light of Liu Zhiji’s understanding of history and Fan Ye’s writing