ANNIE: integrated de novo protein sequence annotation

  title={ANNIE: integrated de novo protein sequence annotation},
  author={Hong Sain Ooi and Chia Yee Kwoh and Michael Wildpaner and Fernanda L. Sirota and Birgit Eisenhaber and Sebastian Maurer-Stroh and Wing-Cheong Wong and Alexander Schleiffer and Frank Eisenhaber and Georg Schneider},
  booktitle={Nucleic Acids Research},
Function prediction of proteins with computational sequence analysis requires the use of dozens of prediction tools with a bewildering range of input and output formats. Each of these tools focuses on a narrow aspect and researchers are having difficulty obtaining an integrated picture. ANNIE is the result of years of close interaction between computational biologists and computer scientists and automates an essential part of this sequence analytic process. It brings together over 20 function… CONTINUE READING


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