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ANFIS Based Speed Control of BLDC Motor with Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

  title={ANFIS Based Speed Control of BLDC Motor with Bidirectional DC-DC Converter},
  author={Rahul Kavathe and J. O. Chandle and Nikhil Patil and Mahadev Kokare},
In this paper we have designed Adaptive Neuro fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) controller for the speed control of bidirectional brushless DC motor (BLDC).The fuzzy models under the framework of adaptive networks are called AdaptiveNeuro Fuzzy Inference System. The ANFIS controller is used in three phase BLDC Motor drive system to control the four quadrants operations without loss of power. In this process energy is conserved during the regenerative period and storage of excess energy in battery… Expand

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