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  author={Todorovi{\'c} Jovan and Ilija Tanackov and Gordan Stoji{\'c}},
The capital work "Logistics Systems" [1] synthesized all human activities and demonstrated that each was a separate logistic sub-system. Furthermore, the origin of the word "logistics" is based on the view that its genesis temporally correlates with the invention of steam engine in the eighteenth century (1764). Thus, the genesis of the concept of logistics is directly related to industrial revolution, although the phenomenon of production and trade dates back to much earlier times. Presently… 

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Functional dependency between the logistics security system and the MySAP ERP in metallurgy
A concept for designing MY SAP ERP system in metallurgic industry is defi ned, based on the security aspects, for MySAP ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, which has developed from SAP R/3.
Finding the Best Third-Party Logistics in the Automobile Industry: A Hybrid Approach
This paper depicts a structural system for 3PL selection and validate it in real-world automobile companies using the Delphi method and applies Evaluation by an Area-based Method for Ranking (EAMR) to prioritize the candidate alternatives.
Material and information flows pertaining to aluminum alloy pipe distribution
D. Simić, J. Tepić, V. Gajić, I. Kovačević, B. Lalić, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia This paper discusses the distribution fl ow of aluminum (Al) alloy pipes,
The Logistics Strategy and the Growth of E-Commerce in Nigeria
The study investigated the impact of logistics on e-commerce in Jumia, Nigeria. The research questions were developed to capture three measures of logistics on e-commerce activities of Jumia Nigeria.
L’impact de l’Implémentation des ERP sur la Performance de la Gestion de la Chaîne Logistique : Étude de Cas d’un Groupe Agricole Marocain
  • Business
  • 2021
With the digitization of the economy, number of disciplines have witnesses significant evolution, including Enterprise Resource Planning systems and Supply Chain Management. However, prior research
The application of recycled aluminum and plastics in environmental protection
G. Tepić, T. Pejakov, B. Lalić, S. Milisavljević, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia V. Vukadinović, Serbian Railways, Belgrade, Serbia Environmental protection
Procurement model for copper and polymer electrical products
S. Sremac, J. Tepić, I. Tanackov, G. Stojić, B. Matić, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia. S. Mladenović, Faculty of Transport and Traffi c Engineering,
Research on risk management in logistics : metrics and trends / Pesquisa sobre gestão de riscos em logística : métricas e tendências
  • Business
  • 2020
This study intends to provide researchers with metrics and trends in the area of Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM). This study analyzed 980 scientific articles with diverse methods, including
Rail inspection of RCF defects
The importance of rail inspection and early detection of RCF because the most ofRCF crack should be removed in rail grinding campaigns (preventive, cyclical and corrective activities) during the whole rail service life is emphasized.
A model for the pavement temperature prediction at specified depth using neural networks
This paper examines the existing models for predicting pavement temperatures at a certain depth and formulates a new one using the regression equation to predict the minimum and maximum pavement temperature at the specifi ed depth depending on the surface pavement temperature and its depth.


The Bronze Age Shipwreck at Ulu Burun, Turkey: 1985 Campaign
  • C. Pulak
  • History
    American Journal of Archaeology
  • 1988
Excavation of a Late Bronze Age shipwreck, tentatively dated to the 14th century B. C., was continued by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Ulu Burun near Kaş, Turkey, in 1985. New finds
New investigations into the Uluburun resin cargo
The provenance of some glass ingots from the Uluburun shipwreck
Glassmaking in Bronze-Age Egypt
In the Late Bronze Age, glass objects were a commodity that often served as high-value gifts exchanged between governing elites. It has been unclear whether Egypt was a site of primary glass
Istorija r IP Svetovi
  • Novi Sad,
  • 1991