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AN OVERVIEW OF MIGRATION IN INDIA , ITS IMPACTS AND KEY ISSUES i An overview of migration in India , its impacts and key issues

  title={AN OVERVIEW OF MIGRATION IN INDIA , ITS IMPACTS AND KEY ISSUES i An overview of migration in India , its impacts and key issues},
  author={Ravi S. Srivastava},

‘A Tactful Union’

Recently, researchers and activists in India have been calling for attention towards the rising numbers of women entering the labour force as domestic workers, who have remained at the rock-bottom of

Opportunities and Vulnerabilities of Female Migrants in Construction Work in India

This paper is based on a case study of female migrants working in construction-the second largest industry in India and one which employs almost 30 million people, approximately 30 percent of which

Literacy and Livelihood of Women Migrant Construction Workers: An Analytical Study

Migration is a demographic process that has been chronicled across world history. Even though various reasons have accelerated this process over the years, the dominant trend in internal migration

Construction labour migrants and wage inequality in Kerala

This study explores the patterns and determinants of construction-led migration and measures the existing wage differential between migrant and native workers in Kerala using both secondary and

Livelihoods on the Move: Understanding the Linkages Between Migration and Household Food Security in India

This paper argues for the need to integrate migration in future food policy research and practice and, in doing so, examines the role of internal migration as a livelihood strategy in influencing

Migration, Informality and the Growing Precarity of Work

We view the impact of three decades of rapid growth and structural change in India on the lives of the working poor in terms of the growing precarity of work. The COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown

Interstate Labourers in Kerala: Socio-Economic Linkages in Idukki District

Migration, as an important livelihood strategy across India, has become a significant economic factor also in Kerala State. It witnesses a large inflow of migrant workers from different parts of the

The Impact of Labor Mobility on Living Standard: an Empirical Study on the Northern Region of Bangladesh

  • Omar Faruque
  • Economics
    Global Disclosure of Economics and Business
  • 2021
In the past 10 years, Bangladesh has experienced positive economic and social changes.  Historically, labor mobility has been a common livelihood strategy of the people as well as the Bangladeshi

Seasonal sugarcane harvesters of Gujarat: trapped in a cycle of poverty

It is shown that every year a third of young adults migrate to Surat district and neighbouring areas for half a year to work as sugarcane harvesters, trapping generations of migrant workers in the vicious cycle of poverty and indebtedness.