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  author={Ahmet Zeki Hepçimen},
Nutrition is the essential subject for life. Food processes are developed in the base of some treatments such as drying. In the research, nutritive values of dried eggplant, dried leek, dried cauliflower, dried broccoli were determined after having been dried under sunlight or in the greenhouse due to season or weather conditions. Investigated main nutrients of dried eggplant were as follows; thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), retinol (A), pyridoxine (B6), ascorbic acid (C), folic acid, magnesium… 

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Eggplants are non-climacteric fruits which were seen growing wild in the forest of India. Cultivation began widely in China around the fourth century and is currently described as one of the ten

Growth performance and production economics of eggplant (Solanum melongena) in response to vermicompost vis-a-vis a chemical fertilizer application

This study compared the effects of vermicompost and chemical fertilizer on the production and economics of eggplants (Solanum melongena). The study consisted of two phases which were carried out

Screening, selection and clonal propagation of Amaranthus dubius genotypes with different calcium and iron content.

Using nanofiltration membranes for the recovery of phosphorous with a second type of technology for the separation of nitrogen and phosphorus is suggest to be a viable process.

Evaluation Data of Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Drying is the process of removing of the water that has destroying effect in food products by evaporation and. Research project on the basis of direct sun drying and solar greenhouse. Basic

Unveiling the potential nutrients present in fresh and dried Makuea Poo-Ung

Makuea poo-ung is a highly nutritious fruity vegetable. The main objective of this study was to compare the nutritional contents of fresh and dried makuea poo-ung, then compare to nutrients



The impact of food processing on the nutritional quality of vitamins and minerals.

  • M. ReddyM. Love
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Advances in experimental medicine and biology
  • 1999
The nutritional quality of minerals in food depends on their quantity as well as their bioavailability, and the time and temperature of processing, product composition and storage are all factors that substantially impact the vitamin status of the authors' foods.

The effect of industrial handling on micronutrients.

  • H. R. Mueller
  • Business, Medicine
    Journal of nutritional science and vitaminology
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Some of the critical technological operations with regard to losses of vitamins and minerals in representative examples of foods like milk, leafy vegetables, potatoes, etc are examined and the classical food preservation with more modern food handling is compared.

Cruciferous Vegetables: Cancer Protective Mechanisms of Glucosinolate Hydrolysis Products and Selenium

The anticarcinogenic bioactivities of glucosinolate hydrolysis products, the mineral selenium derived from crucifers, and the mechanisms by which they protect against cancer are described.

Physiological effects of broccoli consumption

A small body of literature is forming suggesting that both indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane may protect against inflammation, inhibiting cytokine production, and whether cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia and other diseases of aging can all benefit from a diet rich in broccoli and other crucifers.

The importance of selenium to human health

Chemical forms of selenium for cancer prevention.

Nutrition knowledge and food intake

Logistic regression showed that respondents in the highest quintile for knowledge were almost 25 times more likely to meet current recommendations for fruit, vegetable and fat intake than those in the lowest quintile, indicating that knowledge is an important factor in explaining variations in food choice.

Principles of Food Chemistry

Water. Lipids. Proteins. Carbohydrates. Minerals. Color. Flavor. Texture. Vitamins. Enzymes. Additives and Contaminants. Regulatory Control of Food Composition, Quality and Safety. Appendixes. Index.

Determination of B‐vitamins in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Standard Reference Material (NIST SRM) 3280: Multivitamin/Multielement Tablets by stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry

More accurate assessments of the total dietary intake of vitamins from both foods and dietary supplements are needed. Thus, we have investigated liquid chromatographic (LC) isotope dilution mass