AMOLED : An Emerging Trends in LED

  • Vivek Purohit, Tasneem Banu, Komal Daiya, S . I . T . E . Nathdwara, k . daiya
  • Published 2012


This paper presents the concept of Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes as a modern trend in Light Emitting Devices. This paper introduces AMOLED device structure and operation, AMOLED materials, Evolution of AMOLED. AMOLED are used in television screens, computer monitors, small, portable system screens such as mobile phones and PDA, watches, advertising, information, and indication. AMOLED are also used in light sources for space illumination and in large-area light-emitting elements. Due to their early stage of development, they typically emit less light per unit area than inorganic solid-state based LED point-light sources. Different fabrication processes and technologies are covered. Also PassiveMatrix OLED driving schemes are outlined. This paper also describes the market potential of AMOLED by taking modern trends in technology into account.

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