ALasurernent of the Decay of the ‘ Y ( IS ) and Y ( 2 S ) Resonances to Muon Pairs The Crysta

  title={ALasurernent of the Decay of the ‘ Y ( IS ) and Y ( 2 S ) Resonances to Muon Pairs The Crysta},
  author={D. Antrea and H. W. and Ba. rtels and D. Besset and Ch. and Bieler and J. K. and Bie and A................................................. and Bizzeti and E. D. and Bloom and ’ I.Brock and M. Morganti and Brockmiiller and R. Cabenda and Compagnucci and Gloria Conforto and S. Cooperap and R. Cowa and D. and Covne and Engler and Fairfield and Gunter Folger and Fridma and Joanne R. Iser and Gelphma and G. L. Godfrey and Hook. f. and Heimlich and Heinsius and R. Hofsta. dter and J. Iriong and Zbigniew L. Jakubowski and T. and ’ Kiel and Hubert Kilian and I. Kirkbride and Kloiber and W.. and Koch and R. W.J. and M. S. Kraemer and S. Kriiger and K. Lassila Perini and Rob Lee and S. Leffler and R. Lekebusch and Lesia and M. A.. and Litke and Lockma and Sarah Heather Lowe and Bruno Lurz and D. Ma. rlow and H. Ma. rsiske and I ’. McBrideg and F. A. M. Messing and W. J.W. and Whitney N. Laster Pirtle and Hilbert Meyer and B. hiIonteleoni and B. Murynd and R. Nernst and B. B. Niczyporuk and Grażyna Nowak and P. Geavlete and Pelfer and Bruce Pollock and hf. and Reidenbach and B. Renger and Santiago Rodr{\'i}guez and Christian J. Sch{\"a}fer and J. Schiitte and Schwa and Jonathan Tompkins and H. J.D. and Tro{\vs}t and B. K. van Uitert and Hervey H. Voge and Voigt and Horst Wegener and P. Zschorsch},
.Using the Crystal Ba.11 detector a.t the eSestorage ring DORIS II, we mea.sured the branching fra.ction to muon pairs B,, of the Y(lS) and T(2S) resonances and for the first time the product of the muonic pa.rtiaI width IYPP and the branching fra.ction to electrons. B,, for both resonances. We obtain %m) = (2.31 f 0.12 f 0.10) % I’,,(lS).B,,(lS) = (31.2 f 1.6 zt 1.7) eV .a.nd 4w(W = (1.22 f 0.28 f 0.19) % I’,,(2S)-B,,(2S) = (6.5 31 1.5 f 1.0) eV. Inserting the present world va… CONTINUE READING

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