ALD HfO/sub 2/ using heavy water (D/sub 2/O) for improved MOSFET stability

  title={ALD HfO/sub 2/ using heavy water (D/sub 2/O) for improved MOSFET stability},
  author={H. Tseng and M. Ramon and Louise Hebert and P D Tobin and D. H. Triyoso and J. Grant and Z. X. Jiang and D. Roan and S. Samavedam and D. C. Gilmer and Sriram Kalpat and C. Hobbs and W. Taylor and O. Adetutu and B. O. White},
  journal={IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2003},
Device instability is one of the most challenging issues to implement high-k gate dielectrics. Incorporation of deuterium during the ALD (atomic layer deposition) process effectively improves the interface quality that enhances high-k device stability and reliability. Compared to H/sub 2/O processed HfO/sub 2/ devices, devices with D/sub 2/O processing result in a significantly smaller Vt shift after constant voltage stressing at room temperature and at 125/spl deg/C under NBTI/PBTI conditions… CONTINUE READING

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