AKT-dependent HspB1 (Hsp27) activity in epidermal differentiation.

  title={AKT-dependent HspB1 (Hsp27) activity in epidermal differentiation.},
  author={Ryan F L O'Shaughnessy and Jonathan C. Welti and James C Cooke and Ariel A. Avilion and Bobby R. Monks and Morris J Birnbaum and Carolyn R. Byrne},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={282 23},
AKT activity has been reported in the epidermis associated with keratinocyte survival and differentiation. We show in developing skin that Akt activity associates first with post-proliferative, para-basal keratinocytes and later with terminally differentiated keratinocytes that are forming the fetal stratum corneum. In adult epidermis the dominant Akt activity is in these highly differentiated granular keratinocytes, involved in stratum corneum assembly. Stratum corneum is crucial for… CONTINUE READING

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