AIREAL: interactive tactile experiences in free air

  title={AIREAL: interactive tactile experiences in free air},
  author={Rajinder Sodhi and Ivan Poupyrev and Matthew Glisson and Ali Israr},
  journal={ACM Trans. Graph.},
AIREAL is a novel haptic technology that delivers effective and expressive tactile sensations in free air, without requiring the user to wear a physical device. Combined with interactive computers graphics, AIREAL enables users to feel virtual 3D objects, experience free air textures and receive haptic feedback on gestures performed in free space. AIREAL relies on air vortex generation directed by an actuated flexible nozzle to provide effective tactile feedback with a 75 degrees field of view… 

Retour sensoriel du toucher dans les environnements virtuels

Ce projet de these de doctorat traite du retour sensoriel du toucher dans des environnements virtuels. La partie theorique s’interesse aux differents schemas de perception du toucher et aux modalites

AirTap : a multimodal interactive interface platform with free-space cutaneous haptic feedback via toroidal air-vortices

AirTap is an open-source system that uses 16 air-vortex-ring generators to deliver targeted, localized, unambiguous, free-space haptic feedback onto a user’s hand when interacting with 3D virtual objects on a stereoscopic display.

CASPER : Remote Exercise System using an Air Cannon for Elderly People

Although the necessity and importance of exercise supports for elderly people are largely recognized, lacking of skilled and adequate instructors often limits such activities physically. Remote

Investigating Expressive Tactile Interaction Design in Artistic Graphical Representations

This research studies tactile designs in a multisensory context, where the tactile interface augments works of visual art and indicates associations among the identified categories and between the two components, leading to design implications for expressive tactile interfaces.

Contactless haptic feedback: state of the art

A design method is proposed to build a "Touchable Avatar", which is a holographic display with contactless haptic feedback properties, and an outlook of the future applications in the field of contactlessHaptic feedback is provided.

AirDisplay: Experimenting with Air Flow as a Communication Medium

This paper presents a psychophysical experiment using a multi-fan device to communicate information to the user via air intensity and direction, and identifies the most effective configuration at which users can discern different air patterns by manipulating the fans’ speed, the distance between the fans, and theDifferent air patterns.

Rendering volumetric haptic shapes in mid-air using ultrasound

This paper outlines the algorithm for controlling the volumetric distribution of the acoustic radiation force field in the form of a three-dimensional shape, and demonstrates how this field is created and how users interact with it.

Let me grab this: a comparison of EMS and vibration for haptic feedback in free-hand interaction

The design space for haptic feedback is systematically investigated and differences between strengths of EMS and vibrotactile feedback are experimentally explored to provide a basis for the design of haptic Feedback appropriate for the given type of interaction and the material.

Haptic autonomous vortex cannon with real time human tracking

Christopher Targett, Simon Inverarity, Adam Spencer, Mark Hier, John Hooper, Ben Cazzolato, Zebb Prime

SHITARA: Sending Haptic Induced Touchable Alarm by Ring-shaped Air vortex

SHITARA is proposed, a novel accessibility method with air vortex rings that provides a non-contact haptic cue for a DHH person that could also be used with new accessibility approaches for the DHH’s daily life.



The formation of vortex rings

Vortex rings are usually formed by a brief discharge of fluid from an orifice. In previous investigations, the geometry of the vortex generator has varied greatly from one experiment to another, with

Application to the 3D theater using a air pressured facial tactile display

We propose an air pressured facial tactile display using vortex air canon applied for 3D theater system. First of all, small vortex air canon system has been developed and multiple of those system

The Office of the Future.

Four channels mediate the mechanical aspects of touch.

It is concluded that the four channels work in conjunction at threshold to create an operating range for the perception of vibration that extends from at least 0.4 to greater than 500 Hz and may be determined by the combined inputs from four channels.

Vortex Rings

  • R. Wood
  • Physics, Education
  • 1901
In the course of some experiments preparatory to a lecture on vortex rings, certain modifications are introduced which may be of interest to teachers and students of science.

Air vortex ring communication between mobile robots

Air jet driven force feedback in virtual reality

An untethered VR system with force feedback based on the use of air pressure gives the user the feeling of touching an object as well as a projection-based stereo display and optical position tracking.

Optimal Vortex Ring Formation at the Exit of a Shock Tube

Formation of vortex rings at the exit of a shock tube is studied theoretically. A model for predicting the maximum circulation that a vortex ring can attain at the exit of a shock tube is offered. To

Around device interaction for multiscale navigation

This work contributes the first study to show that mobile free-space interactions can be as good as touch, and analyzes sensor orientation and interaction volume usage, resulting in strong implications for how sensors should be placed on mobile devices.