AIDS and older Americans at the end of the Twentieth Century.

  title={AIDS and older Americans at the end of the Twentieth Century.},
  author={Karin Ann Mack and Marcia G Ory},
  journal={Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes},
  volume={33 Suppl 2},
In the past 11 years, the cumulative number of AIDS cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in adults aged 50 years or older quintupled, from 16,288 in 1990 to 90,513 by the end of December 2001. This article provides an overview of AIDS cases through 2001, shows the growing totals of AIDS cases among persons aged 50 years or older, and describes and compares these cases with those among younger people. It also reviews work on perceptions of persons aged 50 years or… CONTINUE READING

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