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AI video editing tools. What editors want and how far is AI from delivering?

  title={AI video editing tools. What editors want and how far is AI from delivering?},
  author={Than Htut Soe},
Video editing can be a very tedious task, so unsurprisingly Artificial Intelligence has been increasingly used to streamline the workflow or automate away tedious tasks. However, it is very difficult to get an overview of what intelligent video editing tools are in the research literature and needs for automation from the video editors. So, we identified the field of intelligent video editing tools in research, and we survey the opinions of professional video editors. We have also summarized… Expand

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A multi-view intelligent editor for digital video libraries
Silver is an authoring tool that aims to allow novice users to edit digital video as easy as text editing, and provides multiple coordinated views, including project, source, outline, subject, storyboard, textual transcript and timeline views. Expand
Simplifying video editing using metadata
A video editor, called Silver, that uses metadata to make digital video editing more accessible to novices and offers smart editing operations that help users resolve the inconsistencies that arise because of the different boundaries in audio and video. Expand
A video editing support system using users' gazes
  • T. Kimura, K. Sumiya, H. Tanaka
  • Computer Science
  • PACRIM. 2005 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and signal Processing, 2005.
  • 2005
An easy method of editing video contents by using the user's gaze when viewing a video by transforming raw video contents together with information on multiple users' intentions into a semi-edited video. Expand
Video Editing Using Lenses and Semantic Zooming
This work has developed new interaction techniques for digital video based on semantic zooming and lenses that provide multiple lenses on the same timeline, so the user can see more than one location simultaneously. Expand
Mining video editing rules in video streams
This paper proposes the methods of extracting editing rules from video stream by introducing data mining technique and shows how a video material can be edited by applying the extracted rules. Expand
The Application of Video Semantics and Theme Representation in Automated Video Editing
The architecture of AUTEUR, an experimental system that embodies mechanisms to interpret, manipulate and generate video, and the role of themes and semantic fields in the generation of content oriented video scenes are described. Expand
QuickCut: An Interactive Tool for Editing Narrated Video
QuickCut is presented, an interactive video editing tool designed to help authors efficiently edit narrated video and applies dynamic programming optimization to choose frame-level cut points between the video segments while maintaining alignments with the narration and adhering to low-level film editing guidelines. Expand
Watch-and-comment as a paradigm toward ubiquitous interactive video editing
This article extends the watch-and-comment paradigm as the seamless capture of an individual's comments so that corresponding annotated interactive videos be automatically generated and employs annotations as simple containers for context information by using them as tags in order to organize, store and distribute information in a P2P-based multimedia capture platform. Expand
Semantic-aware automatic video editing
A rhetoric-based method to support the selection and automatic editing of user-requested content from video footage is proposed and applied to the domain of video documentaries to create biased sequences about a user selected subject. Expand
Film Sequence Generation Strategies for Automatic Intelligent Video Editing
An approach to generic automatic intelligent video editing, which was used in the implementation of the LIVE system, is described and the generic film fragment generation rules implemented within the system are discussed. Expand