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AI-Fuzzy Markup Language with Computational Intelligence for High-School Student Learning

  title={AI-Fuzzy Markup Language with Computational Intelligence for High-School Student Learning},
  author={Chang-Shing Lee and Mei-Hui Wang and Yusuke Nojima and Marek Z. Reformat and Leo Guo},
Computational Intelligence (CI), which includes fuzzy logic (FL), neural network (NN), and evolutionary computation (EC), is an imperative branch of artificial intelligence (AI). As a core technology of AI, it plays a vital role in developing intelligent systems, such as games and game engines, neural-based systems including a variety of deep network models, evolutionarybased optimization methods, and advanced cognitive techniques. The 2021 IEEE CIS Summer School on CI for High-School Student… 

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A CI is a numerical range used to indicate how reliably these results reflect the whole population and is considered a more useful measure than p values, which only reflect a level of statistical significance.

2021 IEEE CIS Summer School on Computational Intelligence on High-School Student Learning

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