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AI-Empowered Persuasive Video Generation: A Survey

  title={AI-Empowered Persuasive Video Generation: A Survey},
  author={Chang Liu and Han Yu},
Promotional videos are rapidly becoming a popular medium for persuading people to change their behaviours in many settings (e.g., online shopping, social enterprise initiatives). Today, such videos are often produced by professionals, which is a time-, labourand cost-intensive undertaking. In order to produce such contents to support a large applications (e.g., e-commerce), the field of artificial intelligence (AI)-empowered persuasive video generation (AIPVG) has gained traction in recent… 

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Generating Persuasive Visual Storylines for Promotional Videos

WundtBackpack is proposed, an algorithmic approach to generate storylines based on available visual materials, which can be video clips or images, which achieves close to 10% higher perceived persuasiveness scores by human testers, and 12.5% higher expected revenue compared to the best performing state-of-the-art approach.

Generating Engaging Promotional Videos for E-commerce Platforms (Student Abstract)

An algorithm called Shot Composition, Selection and Plotting (ShotCSP) is proposed, which generates visual storylines leveraging film-making principles to improve viewing experience and perceived persuasiveness.

Enhancing Viewing Experience of Generated Visual Storylines for Promotional Videos

  • Chang LiuHan Yu C. Miao
  • Computer Science
    2021 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME)
  • 2021
This paper proposes two novel metrics to enhance viewing experience: Semantic Distance, which measures how related a shot is to the product being promoted; and Salient Region Ratio, which estimates attention to product details in a shot.

An AI-empowered Visual Storyline Generator

Visual Storyline Generator is outlined, an artificial intelligence (AI)-empowered system that automatically generates visual storylines based on a set of images and video footages provided by the user, designed to produce engaging and persuasive promotional videos with an easy-to-use interface.

MovingFashion: a Benchmark for the Video-to-Shop Challenge

SEAM Match-RCNN builds an embedding, where an attention-based weighted sum of few frames of a social video is enough to individuate the correct product within the first 5 retrieved items in a 14K+ shop element gallery with an accuracy of 80%.

Personalized Video Summarization with Idiom Adaptation

This paper presents a domain specific video summarization application with idiom adaptation that leverages multimedia content analysis and insights from cinematic and persuasive domains and validated the effectiveness of the demonstration on a TVC data-set with over 600 videos.

Monet: A System for Reliving Your Memories by Theme-Based Photo Storytelling

A storytelling system named Monet is presented, which automatically creates interesting stories from personal photos by mimicking cinematic knowledge based on a set of predesigned editing styles and achieves superior performance to state-of-the-art photo event detection and story generation systems.

Predicting Emotions in User-Generated Videos

Results of a comprehensive set of experiments indicate that combining multiple types of features---such as the joint use of the audio and visual clues---is important, and attribute features such as those containing sentiment-level semantics are very effective.

What comprises a good talking-head video generation?: A Survey and Benchmark

This work presents a carefully-designed benchmark for evaluating talking-head video generation with standardized dataset pre-processing strategies, and aims to uncover the merits and drawbacks of current methods and point out promising directions for future work.

Image Captioning: A Comprehensive Survey

Different approaches of image captioning such as retrieval based, template based and deep learning based as well as different evaluation techniques are presented.