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AI Challenger : A Large-scale Dataset for Going Deeper in Image Understanding

  title={AI Challenger : A Large-scale Dataset for Going Deeper in Image Understanding},
  author={J. Wu and He Zheng and Bo Zhao and Yixin Li and Baoming Yan and R. Liang and Wenjia Wang and Shipei Zhou and Guosen Lin and Yanwei Fu and Y. Wang},
  • J. Wu, He Zheng, +9 authors Y. Wang
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Significant progress has been achieved in Computer Vision by leveraging large-scale image datasets. [...] Key Method In this dataset, we annotate class labels (LAD), keypoint coordinate (HKD), bounding box (HKD and LAD), attribute (LAD) and caption (ICC). These rich annotations bridge the semantic gap between low-level images and high-level concepts. The proposed dataset is an effective benchmark to evaluate and improve different computational methods. In addition, for related tasks, others can also use our…Expand Abstract
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