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AH17, a new non-polyenic antifungal antibiotic produced by a strain of Spirillospora.

  title={AH17, a new non-polyenic antifungal antibiotic produced by a strain of Spirillospora.},
  author={Hocine Hac{\`e}ne and G{\'e}rard Lefebvre},
  volume={83 336},
An antibiotic (AH17) was produced by Spirillospora strain 719. This substance was obtained only from the broth filtrate after precipitation with acetic acid followed by extraction with n-butanol. Its purification was carried out by thin layer chromatography on silica gel followed by HPLC procedures. It showed activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungi. The spectroscopic and chemical properties were examined and indicated that AH17 was a quinone. It seems that this is a… 
HP17, a new pigment-like antibiotic produced by a new strain of Spirillospora.
HP17 resembles proteinaceous pigment from Spirillospora 1655 and 1309-b that was studied and named spirillomycin principally in molecular weight and chemical nature.
First Record of the Isolation, Identification and Biological Activity of a New Strain of Spirillospora albida from Thai Cave Soil
An actinomycete, designated as CMU-PNK470, was isolated from the soil in Phanangkoi cave in northern Thailand and subjected to phenotypic and genotypic characterization, which indicated that this isolate belonged to the genus Spirillospora.
Streptomyces swartbergensis sp. nov., a novel tyrosinase and antibiotic producing actinobacterium
Strain HMC13T is a tyrosinase producer and exhibits very strong antibiosis against Mycobacterium aurum A+ and Staphylococcus aureus subsp.
Actinomadura napierensis sp. nov., isolated from soil in South Africa.
Strain B60(T) produced an antibiotic with activity against Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecium and Mycobacterium aurum, but not against Myc Cobacterium tuberculosis.
Streptomyces polyantibioticus sp. nov., isolated from the banks of a river.
Strain SPR(T), isolated from soil collected from the banks of the Umgeni River, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, represents a novel species of the genus StrePTomyces, for which the name Streptomyces polyantibioticus sp.
Actinobacteria Derived from Algerian Ecosystems as a Prominent Source of Antimicrobial Molecules
Focusing on the Algerian natural sources of antimicrobial metabolites, this work is a representative example of the potential of a closely combined study on biology and chemistry of natural products.
Amycolatopsis roodepoortensis sp. nov. and Amycolatopsis speibonae sp. nov.: antibiotic-producing actinobacteria isolated from South African soils
Two novel members of the genus Amycolatopsis were isolated from soil samples collected in South Africa. Strains JS72T and M29T clustered in the same clade in the 16S-rRNA, gyrB-16S-rRNA and gyrB-recN
One stop mycology
This listing covers the period May 1, 1997 through to June 30, 1997, which roughly corresponds with the British Mycological Society's Special Interest Committees.