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  • Published 2004
In 1993, at Easel Corporation in 1993, we we first applied the Scrum process to software development teams when we built the first object-oriented design and analysis (OOAD) tool that incorporated round-trip engineering. In a Smalltalk development environment, code was autogenerated from a graphic design tool, and any changes to the code from the Smalltalk integrated development environment (IDE) were immediately reflected back into design. 
Scrum and CMMI Level 5: The Magic Potion for Code Warriors
It is asserted that Scrum and CMMI together bring a more powerful combination of adaptability and predictability than either one alone and how other companies can combine them is suggested. Expand
Learning Agile with Tech Startup Software Engineering Projects
A pilot study of interdisciplinary Tech Startup projects with a heuristic evaluation of software engineering realism and formative assessment of students' surveyed experiences finds several similar student outcomes to other project models; however, it also identified limitations in the pilot. Expand
“Scrumbear” framework for solving traditional scrum model problems
A new framework is presented, which is an updated version of the current Scrum, to overcome the scum models mentioned issues and one of the presented changes involve adding the control master rule to ensure controlling the requirements changing. Expand
Communication and Creative Thinking in Agile Software Development
This paper describes and analyses how a eXtreme Programming (XP) team work can use some ideas from Psychology and Computer Science fostering creativity and innovation in Software Development. TheExpand
Agile Approach to Manage Projects in Ubiquitous Multi-Project Environment
  • Jihyun Lee, S. Hur
  • Engineering
  • 2010 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications
  • 2010
In ubiquitous multi-project environment, software product developing teams should perform their own actual works within their collaborative and distributed environment. For this, diverse managementExpand
Product backlog rating: a case study on measuring test quality in scrum
A test process assessment metric that provides insights into the Scrum testing process is proposed that needs further evaluation considering associated resources (e.g., quality assurance engineers, the length of the Scrums cycle). Expand
A Model-Driven Scrum Process for Service-Oriented Software Reengineering: mScrum4SOSR
A new service-oriented software reengineering process that is model-driven and Scrum-oriented, which is called ModelDriven Scrum for Service-Oriented Software Reengineering (mScrum4SOSR), an integration of a popular agile software development process, Scrum, with the concept of UML as a blueprint or executable for. Expand
Agile Software Development as Managed Sensemaking
The structure and design of agile development is well aligned with sensemaking, and one can understand its nature and the type of management needed to support agile development better from this perspective. Expand
Best Practices for Implementing Agile Methods: A Guide for Department of Defense Software Developers
The Department of Defense needs to respond quickly to changing threats and requirements. Increasingly, this rapid response capability requires an ability to field new software applications quickly asExpand
Key Success Factors of Scrum Software Development Methodology in Sri Lanka
The information technology industry emerged with distinctive differences compared to other industries due its wide application on day-to-day business processes. Today, it is important for businessesExpand


Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager's Guide
Agile/iterative methods: From business case to successful implementationThis is the definitive guide for managers and students to agile and iterative development methods: what they are, how theyExpand
Borland Software Craftsmanship: A New Look at Process, Quality and Productivity
The Borland Quattro Pro® for Windows (QPW) development is one of the most remarkable organizations, processes, and development cultures we have encountered in the AT&T Bell Laboratories PasteurExpand
Exploring XP for Scientific Research
It is determined that XP can function in situations for which it appears to be ill suited, and is able to be applied in a scientific research context. Expand
Is design dead
XP has rejuvenated the notion of evolutionary design with practices that allow evolution to become a viable design strategy and provides new challenges and skills as designers need to learn how to do a simple design, how to use refactoring to keep a design clean, and how toUse patterns in an evolutionary style. Expand
The Structure of Evolutionary Theory
Defining and Revising the Structure of Evolutionary Theory and the Integration of Constraint and Adaptation in Ontogeny and Phylogeny: Historical Constraints and the Evolution of Development. Expand
The New New Product Development Game
  • Harvard Business Review,
  • 1986
Kleb , Exploring XP for Scientific Research
  • IEEE Software
  • 2003
Wicked problems, righteous solutions