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AFRICAN HISTORIOGRAPHY: From colonial historiography to UNESCO's general history of Africa

  title={AFRICAN HISTORIOGRAPHY: From colonial historiography to UNESCO's general history of Africa},
  author={Bethwell and Ogot},
Since the later 19th century, the study of African history has undergone radical changes. From about 1885 to the end of the Second World War, most of Africa was under the yoke of colonialism; and hence colonial historiography held sway. According to this imperial historiography, Africa had no history and therefore the Africans were a people without history. They propagated the image of Africa as a 'dark continent'. Any historical process or movement in the continent was explained as the work of… 

Unravelling the Past: World War I in Africa

  • A. Samson
  • History
    Journal of Asian and African Studies
  • 2021
Africa’s involvement in World War I presents the researcher with challenges that few researchers of the Western Front are likely to encounter. The centenary years of the War have seen a range of

Africa’s Political Environment and the Challenge of Underdevelopment

Over the last sixty years the principal agency of underdevelopment of Africa has been the international capitalist countries. Before the advent of the Europeans in Africa, the continent had robust

African Studies in Distress: German Scholarship on Africa and the Neglected Challenge of Decoloniality

This paper is a response to Matthias Basedau's article published in issue 55/2020 of the present journal. At a time when African Studies scholarship is rising beyond the flogging of dead horses,

Reflections on a Common Purpose in Expanding the Frontiers of Global African Scholarship

The enormous contributions of global African scholars to the academic fields of arts, social sciences, and humanities cannot be understated. This accomplishment has not received adequate recognition

The Multiple Waves of the African Academic Diaspora’s Engagement with African Universities

This article analyses the various historical phases in the evolution of the African academic diaspora’s engagement to support the development of higher education in Africa. It examines the drivers

Behind the smiles: Relationships and power dynamics between short-term westerners and Cameroonian health workers in a hospital in rural Cameroon

This ethnographic research explores the relationships and power dynamics in a rural Cameroonian hospital setting that is regularly visited by short-term western health workers and students. Using

Reescrevendo a história. A contranarrativa sobre Moçambique contemporâneo a partir do Macuablogs (2004-2018)

A narração histórica de Moçambique independente teve como suas fontes essenciais as testemunhas diretas dos que protagonizaram a luta de libertação e depois, exerceram papéis significativos no Estado