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AFCRL atmospheric absorption line parameters compilation

  title={AFCRL atmospheric absorption line parameters compilation},
  author={Robert A. McClatchey},
Abstract : The report describes a compilation of the molecular spectroscopic parameters for a number of infrared-active molecules occurring naturally in the terrestrial atmsophere. The following molecules are included in this compilation: water vapor; carbon dioxide; ozone; nitrous oxide; carbon monoxide; methane; and oxygen. The spectral region covered extends from less than 1 micrometer to the far infrared, and data are presented on more than 100, 000 spectral lines. The parameters included… 
Update of the AFGL atmospheric absorption line parameters compilation.
This new version supersedes the last revision of September 1976 and makes major modifications to water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and oxygen (identified as molecules 1, 2, 6, and 7 on the compilation).
AFGL trace gas compilation: 1980 version.
A new edition of the AFGL trace gas compilation is now available, and the molecules HNO(3), OH, HF, HC1, HBr, HI, CIO, OCS, and H(2)CO have been added.
AFGL trace gas compilation: 1982 version.
The new edition of the AFGL trace gas compilation is described, focusing on the addition of numerous millimeter and submillimeter transitions, the inclusion of bands of significance in upper atmospheric processes, and strong IR bands of trace constituents likely to be used for remote detection.
Review of Existing Spectral Line Data Catalogs
Four spectroscopic line parameter compilations exist for general use by the remote sensing and climate research community which are periodically updated and enhanced: the HITRAN (High Resolution
Accuracy of the AFCRL atmospheric absorption line parameters compilation in the 10-microm atmospheric window.
A study of the reliability of the most recent AFCRL atmospheric absorption line listing in the region of the 10-μm atmospheric window (from 700 c m 1 to 1350 cm") and found very good agreement was found over all pathlengths, with some lines having small frequency or intensity errors.
Comparison Of Calculated And Observed Atmospheric Transmittances In The Far Infrared
  • W. Mankin
  • Environmental Science, Physics
    Optics & Photonics
  • 1975
Far infrared atmospheric transmission spectra using the sun as a source have been obtained with a Fourier spectrometer from mountain top and from an aircraft in the low stratosphere. The spectra
Absolute intensities of spectral lines in carbon dioxide bands near 2050 cm −1
Absolute intensities for over 300 lines of eleven relatively weak bands of 12C16O2, 13C16O2, 16O12C18O, and 16O12C17O near 2050 cm−1 have been measured from 0.01-cm−1 resolution laboratory spectra


Line Parameters and Computed Spectra for Water Vapor Bands at 2.7 mu
From Foreword: "This Monograph is one of a series intended to provide fundamental information required for the estimation and interpretation of atmospheric transmittance at infrared frequencies. Part
The Solar Spectrum From Lambda 7498 to Lambda 12016: A Table of Measures and Identifications,
Abstract : The extensive publication lists and identifies most of the lines appearing in the solar spectrum between 7498A and 12016A. The line list includes both solar lines and absorption lines
Handbook of Geophysics and Space Environments
Abstract : This handbook is a comprehensive collection of data, formulas, definitions, and theories concerning the natural environment. It was written by scientists of the Air Force Cambridge