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AES White Paper 1001: Networking Audio and Music Using Internet2 and Next-Generation Internet Capabilities

  title={AES White Paper 1001: Networking Audio and Music Using Internet2 and Next-Generation Internet Capabilities},
  author={Robin Bargar and Steve Church and Akira Fukuda and James Grunke and Douglas Keislar and B. Balasingh Moses and Ben Novak},
  journal={Journal of The Audio Engineering Society},
Music and audio - oh how they can stress your network
Given these key points, where are we now? Have we started to solve any of the problems from the musician’s point of view? What is it that musician would like to do that can cause the network so manyExpand
Networked Music Performance in Virtual Reality: Current Perspectives
Research at the intersection of networked music performance, virtual reality, and virtual environments finds that virtual reality as a visual alternative to videoconferencing in NMP is worthy of further investigation and points to priorities for future research. Expand
Jamming with a Smart Mandolin and Freesound-based Accompaniment
  • L. Turchet, M. Barthet
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 23rd Conference of Open Innovations Association (FRUCT)
  • 2018
Two use cases investigating how audio content retrieved from Freesound can be leveraged by performers or audiences to produce accompanying soundtracks for music performance with a smart mandolin are presented. Expand
Digital Signal Processing and Embedded Systems for Wireless Networked Music Performance
This all-round design approach resulted in the conception of WeMUST (Wireless Music Studio) a project addressing several of the issues defined in the study phase and verifying the feasibility of a wireless NMP system based on commercial hardware and software solutions. Expand
The Analyze of Android's microphone audio streaming BeatME
Based on the results of functional tests that have been made that the client application has been successfully sent vocals of voice messages that are captured by Android to Server vocal microphone, streaming audio show is successful. Expand
The Effects of Network Delay on Tempo in Musical Performance
The emergence of Web 2.0, broadly defined as Web-based communities such as social-networking sites that facilitate sharing of ideas among Web users, has been significant for many existing online communities, but one community, made up of real-time Web- based music collaborators using systems for networked musical performance (NMP), is in its infancy. Expand
Présentée pour obtenir le Grade de Docteur de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications
A perfect reconstruction is proven for certain schemes based on wavelet frame decompositions, which are implemented in a lifting form and established choice criteria among them based on the minimization of the quantization noise. Expand
A wide area online music collaboration emulation platform
Over the last decade the internet has evolved at a tremendous rate, creating new technological and business opportunities. One such opportunity is real-time web-based collaborative music. Even thoughExpand